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Grandmaster Heisner’s Bushido Kai trains students in 7 different styles of martial arts. Styles include Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan Karate, Itosu Ryu, Wado Kai, Kyo-Kushin Kai, Bo-Jitsu and Aiki-Jitsu.
Students of Bushido Kai develop skills in self defense, weapons and various martial arts techniques.
Bushido Kai helps give you self confidence to face the every day challenges of life.

Martial Arts is not about fighting its about building character

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What people say?

Grand Master Heisner is one of the finest traditional martial arts teachers you could ever meet. My family and I are very happy to have been involved with his program. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking an opportunity to work with one of the world's best Senseis right here in Western New York!
J Karcz
My boys train under Grand Master Heisner. I have nothing but good to say about he and the staff that work there. I love his heart for Martial Arts, Faith and Family. I would highly recommend anyone looking to train here!
Lonnie Thoms
Head Of Sales , Intel