Green Stripe

Here you will find instructions in multiple formats to help you learn at home or when you are on the go. We want to make sure you have as many tools as possible to help you grow and understand the art of Bushido Kai.

One Step #5

One Step #6

Step outside attacker's punch, counter with right knife hand strike (front stance), switch stance, left elbow to ribs (back stance).

Counter attack with left open hand block to attacker's punch, execute right snap punch to head, right upset punch to body (front stance), right elbow to jaw..

One Step #7

Step outside punch to diagonal (side stance), block with left palm heel, counter with right mid-section punch, step up with left high section punch, grab arm and execute right roundhouse kick.

Jump inside of attack (horse stance), left side kick, left back fist, right vertical punch.

One Step #8

Do San